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¿vendrás tú? por mis jardines vuelan
ya las primeras mariposas
sobre las rosas,
de noche los coyuyos
entre los yuyos.
sonríen las estrellas
pálidamente bellas.

¿y vendrás tú? se cubren
alegres, mis floreros
de madreselvas.
anda por los largos canteros
la risa azul del nomeolvides
y se cargan las vides.

tengo en el corazón;
árboles gruesos
prietos de ramas;
yuyos, retamas,
flores de malvón,
pájaros en las ramas,
todo eso tengo en el corazón.

¿y vendrás tú?
mis manos
fabricaron panales.
yendo de rosa en rosa cogí miel;
hice linos; no recuerdo de males.

el lecho mio es blanco
y es primavera. huele
bien, el alto barranco
mojado por la ría.
desde el mar que diviso
¿vendrá tu vela?
primavera es gacela
y furtiva,

—alfonsina storni
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1.) Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
2.) Then, write 10 things that you like/love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal.
3.) Give out letters to those who comment in return.

[livejournal.com profile] graycatbird gave me A!
  1. Apples!  Since I'm named for them, I can't escape them. They taste good in pie and cider.
  2. Animals! Are awesome, and often lots more awesome than other humans.
  3. Amor! I love love. It's the best thing ever.
  4. Ayria! Are an awesome, awesome band.
  5. Art! I love seeing people's expressions, and life and emotions captured in something visual.
  6. Aquitaine, Eleanor of! Technically cheating, and I don't care! She is my favourite historical figure, and a role-model.
  7. Analysing! I can't help myself, I analyse adverts, literature, people... I do it constantly.
  8. A Softer World! It's the only webcomic that begins with an A, and it is awesome.
  9. Ambush hugs! Otherwise known as glomping.
  10. Anberlin! I can't believe I almost left my favourite band off the list. o.0


and then, she gave me U!
  1. Unicorns.  Since... who doesn't like unicorns? Especially as chasers.
  2. UEA. I had some really good times there, and it's still a reasonably big part of my life - in that most of my social group is connected with it, and I still use the woods.
  3. Understanding. This relates to analysing - I love to understand things, and when I don't I feel horribly uncomfortable.
  4. Undying love. Heh, this is so a cheat, but it's true.
  5. Underwear. Pretty lingerie, or practical and comfy.
  6. 'Us' / union. The concept of being joined with someone you love.
  7. Ubiquitary. The feeling that you exist everywhere.
  8. Unusual. Things that aren't normal!
  9. USB ports. They let me use my mouse, music, photos...
  10. Underworld. I love the films, and I like the place.

Hooray, finally finished my list!
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Hahahahahah amg how sad.
I've given myself hiccups through excitement.
over a rare spawn.
I'm giving Mark a black tabby pet in WoW for xmas (he knows!), which has a 0.1% drop rate from one group of mobs, or a 30% drop rate from this one rare bitch that spawns once 4-6 hours somewhere else.
So I camped the area, and kept checking, and nearly gave myself a heart-attack when I saw she was there.
And I kicked that bitch and all her friends, and stole their chest and milk. And only a stupid staff dropped. 
Such a silly high.

And now I have Naja, all the silliness we used to have. ^_^

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I am still on some kind of awesome gig-high from last night. Went to see Kill Hannah (+ Serpico, + Exit Ten, + My Passion) with [livejournal.com profile] i_novander at the waterfront. I have bruises up my arms from being thrown into the mosh pit//out of it and against a pillar - I didn't fall, only because any time any of the 'tardy cool guys grabbed me to throw me, I'd dig my nails into their arm and refused to let go til I was safe. ^_^  I wore my corset :)  good tiems.
So, yeah, I should get out more. I'm pretty much done with my hiding away bit, I can't wait to see Anberlin in November.
I've bought some KH, ET & MP now, and listening to it. GO LISTEN TO EET.
I can't stop fckin grinning! oh god, i hope i don't crash down.

"well you're my audience:
above average intelligence, above average perversion." *Phi Weedon

Fajitas for breakfast/lunch. AWESOME.

I forgotted- I have my first dead screen pixel. :( (it's red, and half way up on the left). Mark pointed it out. I'd been actively denying it's existence. :/

~ i looked at the stars, and prayed that the universe was ours
it won't ever stop, my crazy angel

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Um... yeeeeah. So, I now have all my collection in one place.

17 Bath Bombs (two doubles)
16 Soaps
14 Bubble Bars
6 Deodorants
5 Toner Tabs
5 Cleansers
 4 Massage Bars
4 Shower Gels
4 Shampoos
3 Face Moisturisers
3 Buttercreams
3 empty pots (when you get 5 you get a free facemask)
2 Body Butters
2 Conditioners
2 Solid Perfumes
2 Hand/Body Moisturiser
2 Cacas (henna blocks)
2 Bath Melts
2 Lip Balms
1 Smoothie
1 Dusting Powder
1 Jelly

This is me tidying.
 Er. Yes.


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