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 If you aren't bothering to vote today, do us all a favour and either leave the country or universe.

(obviously this only applies to people who *can* vote in the UK...)
Election Talkings. )
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The grammar nazi in me is horrified.

 Silly christian fundamentalist from yesterday has been spreading this lie:
"In the King James Bible, many words end in "ETH". The meaning of putting "ETH" on the end of a word,
is translating it to mean 'Over and over and over again. Not once, not twice, but many times over'."

Seriously now? Seriously?!
When asked by someone where she got this info from, since the person rightly thought it was purely an archaic verb ending... she says that her son told her & he apparently studies Greek meanings in bible study and reads the bible-internet. So, OBVIOUSLY, that makes him some kind of expert on this.
  It took a minute of googlefu to confirm it is just a old third person singular ending . I informed the questioner.

 This is why we can't have nice things.

[yes, I will be twisting my butthurt anger back to just self-loathing soon.
possibly even turning it into a sef-improvement drive...]
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This morning I actually finished The Silmarillion. o.0 Actually worth the read, if you like traditional fairy tales, and/or creation stories.
 We have uncut, white bread again. The proper kind, and we have to cut it two feet thick and slather it with real butter. And it is delicious.

Then we have been bitching over the utter ridiculousness of the anti-adoption movement. Ok, fair enough, we don't live in the US, and maybe over there y'all are being forced to give up your babies, forced to sign the adoption papers... but the movement appears to be based on the sad out-dated history of adoption from the 1950s-1970s - during which time it was socially unacceptable to bring up a child out of wed-lock, and so adoption was very much pushed as a good solution. However, times have changed a whole lot since then. I mean, even black people have equal rights now!
Basically, the idea that adoptions come about because the birth mothers are pressured into it, and because people are making money out of it, and that adopted children are disadvantaged and severely unhappy (not because of former circumstances, but purely because they have been adopted - even if this took place before they can remember) is insulting and ridiculous.
To say that it gives the child a better chance of a more stable, privileged, happier life, is purely injurious myth is nothing but propaganda.
The case of Evelyn Bennett is a sad one, put forward in support of anti-adoption, but what stands out to me is the seeming stupidity of the mother. You and your family are receiving threats for 14 months - so instead of reporting it to the police, you pretend it isn't happening, somehow manage to conceal your pregnancy (to what end?) from the family you live with until the last few weeks and allow yourself to become worn down by it to the point of considering adoption when the baby is five months old. You then sign the adoption papers the day after mentioning the word, run away from home to give the baby away, and then QQ about how your baby was stolen from you? I just don't understand. Surely a mother would go to every lengths to protect their baby, if they wanted it? I do not understand how this case can be touted as a good one for the cause against the evils of adoption.
Surely if there was a huge social problem caused by adoption it would be more talked about? Sure, the adoption agencies are making money. So are the cigarette companies, and we all still know that smoking is very unhealthy.

I don't understand how you can be "radical" & pro-choice and anti-adoption. Pro-choice is the support of the personal choice of the parents regarding their fetus/baby - whether they want to abort, or to adopt, or keep it.
If someone is pushed into "surrendering" their child to adoption, then are they really strong enough to be a parent in the first place?
There are plenty of people who make the decision to have their child adopted, who are sure of what they are doing, and who are of sound mind.

Anti-adoption is as baffling to me as Prop 8.

And of course, I am just some monster on the net, with no experience of life. Oh srsly, ljsecret, ... Q   Q

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ok, now what is it this year with website designers deciding that they need to do a redesign, and it must be:
taking away real choice, forcing you to look at everything at once


dAv.6's message center would be tolerable if it didn't open a preview of everything first.
new facebook's profiles are awful. I am not partially-sighted, or stupid. I don't need everything to be huge and stretched. The only good thing about it is the Status tab. (I left them lots of feedback...)  My eyes and head feel assaulted. (I switched back to oldfacebook, but the changeover is inevitable).
"Over the past six months, 100,000 of you have offered to help improve the user experience on Facebook by giving your feedback and suggestions"  Out of 9billion users, they must have found the 100k dumbest 16 yo's to come up with that and call it "simple" and "cleaned up".
UGH. I have internet rage.

That leaves LJ of my top three daily sites. LEAVE IT BE!

I think it's bedtime. The sun is up! Oops.

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