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Today's Rant: Voting

 If you aren't bothering to vote today, do us all a favour and either leave the country or universe.

(obviously this only applies to people who *can* vote in the UK...)
 I know that at least half of my relatives will not be voting. This makes me sick, and caused many arguments through the years. I really don't think there is any excuse for it, and I believe it should be compulsary. Yes, the system is not great, most of the parties are pledging the same things... but it is still the system we have, and the only way you have any say or hope of change is to vote for the changes you do want. It would still be progression if the 50% who don't bother to vote, went and just spoiled their ballot... I assume that eventually they would consider that since they have to go along anyway that they may as well make a choice. I think it should be covered in schools before leaving age.

And laying in bed this morning, I considered how interesting it would be if there were two votes - your actual legal vote, and another sheet at the same time for who you really wanted to vote for. I think that would do a lot to keep down tactical voting.
I hate tactical voting. I understand it, I will even be *doing* it today, but it makes me feel a bit sick inside.

I've read all the party's manifestos (Labour, Tory, LibDem, Green, UKIP, BNP, The Christian Party... more than half of these make me shudder).

I want to vote Green. I like the Green candidate best, for party & local policies and for the person. If I lived in Norwich South, I would be voting with my true allegiance, since they have a real chance of winning the seat. But, I live in Norwich North now, and I'll be damned if Chloe Smith (Cons.) wins again. If there wasn't the sudden support for the Lib Dems there apparently is this year, I would still vote Green... but I think it's very interesting, and the best chance there has so far been to get the two leading parties out of power.
 If this all turns out to be a load of talk though, with no real action, I will be very disappointed.
And I will try not to vote tactically ever again, unless my area is seriously threatened by a BNP/UKIP/etc win.

So, I feel a bit excited, a bit anxious, a bit sick, and a lot moral.